Wedding & Celebration Cakes

It's important to note that all listed prices for cakes are a starting point. Price will increase depending on the complexity and details asked for by the client. I strive to create the perfect one of a kind cake just for you, and because of that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to pricing.  The following is a starting point for single tiered cakes only. 

size        starting price        servings                    
4 in         $30                                  2-4
5 in         $40                                  6-8
6 in         $60                                12-14
8 in         $80                                22-24
10 in       $10                                38-40
12 in       $120                              56-58

To secure a booking for a wedding I require orders to be a minimum of $400. Buttercream cakes are about $6 per serving and fondant cakes are $7 per serving.
Interested in a custom cake bar for your wedding/ reception?  Ask me about it! I specialize in cake bars and also carry a variety of cake stands for rent if needed.

Mini Desserts
Cake pops ( I only do round) $24 per dozen
Cupcakes $25 per dozen
Custom cupcakes (personalized fondant toppers) $40 per dozen
Madelines $20 per dozen
Banana Cookies $8 per dozen (at least a two dozen minimum order required)
S'more sandwich cookies $24 per dozen 

There is a delivery fee of $25 within Maricopa County. Any cities oustside Maricopa County are charge by the hour and distance it takes to travel.
Pick-ups are always free of course! I am located in Phoenix off the 202 and 44th st.

When should I order my cake?
You should place an order as soon as you have your event scheduled. Orders for small celebration cakes should be placed at least two weeks in advance. Large orders such as dessert tables, cake bars, and wedding orders should be placed at least 2-3 months in advance. This helps ensure availability and all the planning required. Contracts are required for wedding orders and payment must be paid in full before the day of the event.

The best way to pay is through Venmo. I also take cash and checks.